Thursday, August 7, 2014


Laying here is the best.


A good brush

A good brushing always makes me want to waller.

Pictures of the kids being kids...Well my furry kids anyways! Past Pictures.

Pestilence trying to help sew.

 Crybaby thinking she knows best.

Crybaby helping with my homework..

She liked Jasmine's laptop cover.

Indifferent Pesti.

Begging as usual. 

He was too cute. I had to get a chance to take a pic since he usually doesn't let me get a picture of him. 

She as in a bat costume...she was severely unamused.

Fat cat in a little box...ok well she fit. But the box had a flattening death when she finally broke it from lounging around in it.

I see you...and no I don't want my picture taken. 

Oh...I will reek havoc upon you for these pictures!

Make way for...PESTILENCE!

This is me and my buddy Odin. We enjoyed hanging out. Bucket was cool too! Zeus crabbed a lot. So I didn't like him as much. But he was fun at tag.

I'm Pestilence...I'd say I'm the baby but well Dusty may be younger. I was born in 2010 in March, My furry mom is Crybaby. But I had fun as a kitten. My first human mommy was Ms. Jasmine...well her and mommy both were my mom's. My furry mom was like what I spent more time with my human mom's. 

Lounging around is my favorite thing. Garrett got me a scratching post so that is my second favorite thing to do.

Crybaby is known as the basement kitty because she likes dark places. I'm the bathroom kitty because well, if you go into the bathroom I have to go too~!

I love playing race up the stairs...I always win.. Mommy looses. ;)

I talk very little because I am always into doing something if I'm not asleep at the top of the stairs. My favorite spot in the apartment!

I'll help with what ever mommy is doing or anyone for that matter. I am really friendly and love sunbathing in the garden. With mommy's attendance of course. But that is rare. She is afraid I will wander too far or run away. But I like my home too much to do that. But my curiosity does get the best of me at times.

Well nap time is here. Mommy says for me to come on. We are napping now! Talk to you guys later!

....Hi.....I'm Dusty

Well, I guess it's my turn to introduce myself. I'm Dusty. I probably around 3 years old. I was a stray that came upon my mommy Sandy. I've been around and I've been through a lot of trouble. I like to be outside. MY mommy hates I like being outside, but that's where I came from was outside. So I'm a hunter and mommy fights with me all the time about going outside.

So- I'm an indoor kitty for the most part. I sneak out when mommy isn't looking. And boy does she fuss...but I usually just ignore her and go on about my business. She forgives me and scratches me behind the ear, so it is all good. But she keeps threatening me with whats called a flea bath!?! I don't want one of those. Crybaby says it's horrible and well Pestilence is always trying to save mommy and dad from what is called a shower. I don't understand why they don't just wash like me. Oh well.

So favorite things...
Harassing the girls! It's so much fun! Mom doesn't think so though. So she fusses at me to quit...even shoos me. She SHOOS ME! I'm a tom shooing allowed!

Sleeping on my spot of the bed.Mom is always taking pictures of me. Says I'm being cute. UGH!Yuck!

A bad habit but favorite thing I do...drink from the toilet..MOM HATES IT. She makes sure the toilet lid is down. I hate that.

Waking mom and dad up at awkward times for loving! See I met my new dad from Mommy. We get a long like two bros should. But we fight a lot. Especially when I do bad and do things I KNOW I shouldn't. But hey they should've let me out!

Well mom is shooing me off the laptop. She says it's her turn.

So check me out later!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Hi! I'm Crybaby!
Why do I have that name? Well you see when I was a baby, I would follow my mommy around and meow. I just wanted to talk to her and for her to pay me some mind. I didn't like anyone else when I was little. But my mommy Sandy took me in. My furry mommy was a stray named Mooch by those in the neighborhood. I was born in December around Christmas. So I'm a Christmas baby. I was born in 2004. So This year I turn 10! Wow it has been a while.

Lets see what is some of my favorite things to do:
Talk! I talk all the time.
Hide: My mommy plays hide and seek...usually its me hiding and mommy seeking. I'm a basement kitty, I love being in dark places...I like high places when no one is looking.
Sleeping....well what kitty doesn't love the luxury of napping! I love to nap with my mommy. Especially if she lets me sleep on the pillow! 

I like people but only those that are familiar to me. I'm not like Pesti...I don't meet and greet all the time. Unless the person just meets my fancy.

Help mommy with her homework: I don't understand why mommy gets so upset when I lay on the book or keyboard when she is working. I am  just trying to help mommy relax. Homework always sounds so troublesome. Petting me is better!

Favorite Food: Chicken!
My Gary daddy had a chicken sandwich one day and he wouldn't share at all! So I decided to take a bite while he had it up to his mouth taking a bite too! Mommy thought it was the funniest thing ever!

Well this is my introduction! Mommy can tell you more about me if you want to know. Apparently I am going to get two younger siblings soon. Not sure how that's gonna go. As long as they stay out of my corner we are favorite spot is under mommy's bed. I'll share everywhere else...just not there.

Well I'm ready for a nap...all this has me hungry and sleepy! Bye!


This will be a blog that is based around the animals in my life. I will periodically post pictures and post of their daily adventures. Also give a little background on each animal in my house. ;) We are soon to hopefully have two extra babies in the house. One is Bree:
She is apparently a love muffin! She is 4 months old. I'm not sure if she will become a permanent member of the household, but she will be staying with us until adoption.

Then there is Tiger. Tiger has a unique situation where little ones are kinda harassing very harshly. So he needs a new environment. He is known to be playful and a sweetheart.
Is he not a handsome baby?

I can't wait to meet both of them. We are very excited. 

Well that is the main update for today. I will be writing up the profile for each of our babies and getting that online with some pictures for them. I will work on an album just for each of them. I will be busy because I have three to update on. Right now they are all tired from playing, so they are knocked out in all of their favorite sleeping spots.