Thursday, August 7, 2014

Make way for...PESTILENCE!

This is me and my buddy Odin. We enjoyed hanging out. Bucket was cool too! Zeus crabbed a lot. So I didn't like him as much. But he was fun at tag.

I'm Pestilence...I'd say I'm the baby but well Dusty may be younger. I was born in 2010 in March, My furry mom is Crybaby. But I had fun as a kitten. My first human mommy was Ms. Jasmine...well her and mommy both were my mom's. My furry mom was like what I spent more time with my human mom's. 

Lounging around is my favorite thing. Garrett got me a scratching post so that is my second favorite thing to do.

Crybaby is known as the basement kitty because she likes dark places. I'm the bathroom kitty because well, if you go into the bathroom I have to go too~!

I love playing race up the stairs...I always win.. Mommy looses. ;)

I talk very little because I am always into doing something if I'm not asleep at the top of the stairs. My favorite spot in the apartment!

I'll help with what ever mommy is doing or anyone for that matter. I am really friendly and love sunbathing in the garden. With mommy's attendance of course. But that is rare. She is afraid I will wander too far or run away. But I like my home too much to do that. But my curiosity does get the best of me at times.

Well nap time is here. Mommy says for me to come on. We are napping now! Talk to you guys later!

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