Tuesday, August 5, 2014


This will be a blog that is based around the animals in my life. I will periodically post pictures and post of their daily adventures. Also give a little background on each animal in my house. ;) We are soon to hopefully have two extra babies in the house. One is Bree:
She is apparently a love muffin! She is 4 months old. I'm not sure if she will become a permanent member of the household, but she will be staying with us until adoption.

Then there is Tiger. Tiger has a unique situation where little ones are kinda harassing very harshly. So he needs a new environment. He is known to be playful and a sweetheart.
Is he not a handsome baby?

I can't wait to meet both of them. We are very excited. 

Well that is the main update for today. I will be writing up the profile for each of our babies and getting that online with some pictures for them. I will work on an album just for each of them. I will be busy because I have three to update on. Right now they are all tired from playing, so they are knocked out in all of their favorite sleeping spots. 

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