Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Hi! I'm Crybaby!
Why do I have that name? Well you see when I was a baby, I would follow my mommy around and meow. I just wanted to talk to her and for her to pay me some mind. I didn't like anyone else when I was little. But my mommy Sandy took me in. My furry mommy was a stray named Mooch by those in the neighborhood. I was born in December around Christmas. So I'm a Christmas baby. I was born in 2004. So This year I turn 10! Wow it has been a while.

Lets see what is some of my favorite things to do:
Talk! I talk all the time.
Hide: My mommy plays hide and seek...usually its me hiding and mommy seeking. I'm a basement kitty, I love being in dark places...I like high places when no one is looking.
Sleeping....well what kitty doesn't love the luxury of napping! I love to nap with my mommy. Especially if she lets me sleep on the pillow! 

I like people but only those that are familiar to me. I'm not like Pesti...I don't meet and greet all the time. Unless the person just meets my fancy.

Help mommy with her homework: I don't understand why mommy gets so upset when I lay on the book or keyboard when she is working. I am  just trying to help mommy relax. Homework always sounds so troublesome. Petting me is better!

Favorite Food: Chicken!
My Gary daddy had a chicken sandwich one day and he wouldn't share at all! So I decided to take a bite while he had it up to his mouth taking a bite too! Mommy thought it was the funniest thing ever!

Well this is my introduction! Mommy can tell you more about me if you want to know. Apparently I am going to get two younger siblings soon. Not sure how that's gonna go. As long as they stay out of my corner we are good....my favorite spot is under mommy's bed. I'll share everywhere else...just not there.

Well I'm ready for a nap...all this has me hungry and sleepy! Bye!

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