Thursday, August 7, 2014

....Hi.....I'm Dusty

Well, I guess it's my turn to introduce myself. I'm Dusty. I probably around 3 years old. I was a stray that came upon my mommy Sandy. I've been around and I've been through a lot of trouble. I like to be outside. MY mommy hates I like being outside, but that's where I came from was outside. So I'm a hunter and mommy fights with me all the time about going outside.

So- I'm an indoor kitty for the most part. I sneak out when mommy isn't looking. And boy does she fuss...but I usually just ignore her and go on about my business. She forgives me and scratches me behind the ear, so it is all good. But she keeps threatening me with whats called a flea bath!?! I don't want one of those. Crybaby says it's horrible and well Pestilence is always trying to save mommy and dad from what is called a shower. I don't understand why they don't just wash like me. Oh well.

So favorite things...
Harassing the girls! It's so much fun! Mom doesn't think so though. So she fusses at me to quit...even shoos me. She SHOOS ME! I'm a tom shooing allowed!

Sleeping on my spot of the bed.Mom is always taking pictures of me. Says I'm being cute. UGH!Yuck!

A bad habit but favorite thing I do...drink from the toilet..MOM HATES IT. She makes sure the toilet lid is down. I hate that.

Waking mom and dad up at awkward times for loving! See I met my new dad from Mommy. We get a long like two bros should. But we fight a lot. Especially when I do bad and do things I KNOW I shouldn't. But hey they should've let me out!

Well mom is shooing me off the laptop. She says it's her turn.

So check me out later!

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